Bounce House Brawl Updates: Gear Gal Added, Level 2 Changes, and Player Location Icons

Hey everybody, sorry for the short break last week much of the team and I were off at GDC. But here are some of the updates to the game!

Gear Gal is In!

Here is a look at what she looks like fully textured:

We also added some new animations for her:

Gear Gal Jump

Gear Gal Uppercut

Gear Gal Block

Lastly we added her portraits to indicate her health, here is a look at them:

Level 2 Updates

There were some definite problems with level two after we first introduced it but we have made a few tweaks to try and fix some of the issues players had with the level before.

We went ahead and changed the location of the hazards throughout the level. The level was very top heavy before making uppercut the king of the ring. They are now spread out more evenly so one particular attack isn’t so strong.

We also updated the lightning particle effect:

It was extremely hard to see before so we added lights to the effect, changed the color, and made the effect overall much larger. This should help make the hazard more noticeable to the player.

Player Location Icons Added

We added small player location icons to make it easier to track your character.

This is just temp art for the location but this should help with tracking your character at the glance of your eye.

As always we made gameplay and other small changes as well, see our updates in more detail make sure to check out the patch notes.

We’ll keep posting updates for Bounce House Brawl here!


The BHB Team

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