Camera Change, Forge Levels Updates, Death Indication, Character Updates, and 4-Player Almost Done!

Hey everybody, BHB is currently working on some big updates but many of them are still in progress. So let’s get right into it!

Camera Angle Changed

We have decided to change the camera a bit. We have slanted the camera slightly to give the 3D assets some more depth this should help the game feel less flat and more like 2.5D style.

Forge Levels Have Updated Textures

The Forge levels in the last iteration accidentally had the wrong textures. The new textures have been updated for the level. This should improve the overall aesthetic of the level.

Forge Levels are Being Balanced and Changed

There are some issues with the current forge levels, but don’t worry we are currently working on balancing and making adjustments to make the forge levels quicker and easier to read. One of the main things that we are working on is making the first forge level’s grates more readable for when they are turned on and off.

Player Death Indication

Some players are having issues of noticing when their character dies, so we are currently working on making an explosion to indicate that your robot has died and adding more impact when your player dies.

Character Updates

The new textures for the characters are done and will be in by next build!

Gear Gal has received some new animations:

Gear Gal Down Attack:

Gear Gal Knockback:

This should help Gear Gal more readable and make playing her feel a bit more fluid and clear.

4-Player is Almost Here!

4-Player is on schedule to be in by next build. However, it may take a lot of balancing for it to feel good. With that being said we want to introduce it and see how players like it, if it seems like it is a good addition to the game then we may cut it back down to two players.

However we will be doing our best to make this feature the best it can be and will adjust the current levels so it can be played with four players.

We’ll keep posting updates for Bounce House Brawl here!


The BHB Team


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Apr 05, 2018

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