BHB Patch Notes V.0.05

Bounce House Brawl Patch Notes V.0.05 (4/3)

Gameplay Changes

  • Reduced the Knockback by 50%

(Players felt that the knockback was too significant on normal hits. We have reduced the knockback to make it feel more appropriate for the level size.)

  • Block is now disabled for 10 seconds if the player gets hit 3-4 times

(Players could infinitely block making the game very frustrating at times. To help with this we made it so it now disables after being hit a certain amount of times. This should make the block more balanced and make players really think when they should block.)

Forge Levels Added!

We have added two new levels to the game that are both based around the forge theme!

The first new forge level revolves around grates that heat up and kill the player. Initially they start out cool but once they heat up, they turn into a hazard and kill the player. It also incorporates the conveyor belts from level 2.

The second forge level has two flowing lava pools next to the player that are closed off. However, there are walls that will alternately open up making it so the opponent can be knocked into the lava. Players will have to adapt and adjust their playstyle and location to where the walls are opening to successfully win on this map.

Visual Improvements

  • UI
    • Added Player location markers

2D Art:

  • Added background art for Forge Levels

3D Art:

  • Art Added for the two new levels:
    • Forge Platforms
    • Forge Walls
    • Heating Grates
  • Changed the texture for the tesla coils on level 2

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