Big Updates for BHB: 5 New Levels, New Character, and 4-Player Implemented!

Hey everybody, BHB has made a ton of updates! So let’s get right into it!

4-Player Implemented

4-Player has now been implemented into the game. You can now select 2-Player, 3-Player, or 4-Player modes within the game. Now you can bounce more of your friends around at the same time!

With the introduction of 4-Player we have also made it so some maps are restricted to 2-Player only because they are balanced around having 2-Players fight within them.

New Levels for the Raceway and Factory Themes

We have created some new levels for a couple of the already pre-existing themes in the game. This should add a little bit more variety to the different themes and should allow for players to test out the mechanics in new fun ways.

Raceway Level 2:

Factory Level 2:

Forge Levels have Changed

For the first forge level the textures for the conveyor belts have been updated to match the overall aesthetic of the level. The level has also been widened to so that 4-Players can play on the level now. It’s also more obvious when the grates can kill you know because they emit fire when they are deadly. Lastly the platforms have been moved so players don’t get stuck in a corner.

The second forge level has also had some adjustments. The room has been widened so players don’t get knocked around quite as much. The walls opening to the lava now stay open longer and about halfway through the match multiple doors will open at the same time.

New Theme Added!

We are now introducing the Jungle Theme into the game!

Jungle Level 1

Jungle level 1 is a 4-Player map where there are spikes across the map. Players must battle each other into the spike zones to successfully win the map.

Jungle Level 2

The second Jungle level is a 2-Player map where players are fighting above a dangerous river bed. However if you get knocked off of a platform, you still have a second chance if you land on a log.

Character Updates


  • Fishbowl’s texture has been updated and is now blue to make him pop out more

Boxzilla Added to the Game!

Pushing for Polish!

The end of the time frame that we have for BHB is coming soon, so with that in mind the team is heavily focusing on polishing features of the game rather than adding new content now. So you should see many quality of life improvements over the next couple of weeks!

We’ll keep posting updates for Bounce House Brawl here!


The BHB Team

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