BHB Patch Notes V.0.04

Bounce House Brawl Patch Notes V.0.04 (March 27)

Gameplay Changes

  • Adjusted the bounce significantly. The bounce duration is now much lower.

(This should make it feel less like lag to the player and should make the bounce less intense. We made the duration much lower so it should feel better overall to the player and they should feel in more control of their character.)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the conveyor belts wouldn’t always move the player. Conveyor belts now move the player in the corresponding direction that they are supposed to.

Level 1 Changes (Raceway)

  • Moved pipes down to make them easier for players to jump on top of
  • Moved pipes back because they were clipping through the road
  • Moved walls, car spawn location, and car destroyer back to accompany the change of the pipe location
  • Added a point light next to the propellor to make it look more threatening to players

Level 2 Changes (The Factory)

  • Changed the lightning particle effect to better communicate that it’s a hazard. It is now yellow and larger.
  • Changed the locations of Tesla Coils to make the level less top heavy. This should promote other fighting styles, instead of spamming uppercut.
  • Removed the middle platform because it felt clunky/hard for players to get around.

Visual Improvements

  • UI
    • Added Health Portraits for Gear Gal
    • Added placeholder images for player location. This hovers above the player that way players can easily identify where the character is quickly.

3D Art:

  • Added Gear Gal as a replacement for Dapper


  • Added in animations for Gear Gal
    • Punch
    • Jump
    • Uppercut
    • Idle
    • Run
    • Block


The BHB Team


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Mar 29, 2018

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