Bounce House Brawl is Out!

Bounce House Brawl is now out!

This is the final iteration of BHB. The project was meant to span over the course of a semester so unfortunately the development must come to an end. From the last iteration of BHB we focused heavily on bug fixes and polish. You’ll find that many of the characters now have taunts and the levels have aesthetic props added to them.

We even went ahead and added one last the level which is the clock tower level. This level is meant to be gear gal’s origin level as the jungle levels are supposed to be boxilla’s origin levels. We hope you enjoy the new level!

There have been many other small tweaks added to the game, like reducing the rounds to 2 rounds instead of three and changing the lightbulbs as the indication of lives. But if you want to check out the other updates you can download the game now and play it!

We truly appreciate the support and have had a great time developing the game. We hope you all enjoy it!


The BHB Team


Game Files.7z 97 MB
May 11, 2018

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