Two New Levels, Character Updates, and Working on 4-Player Integration

Hey everybody, BHB has some exciting new updates as well as some things that in progress for the game right now. So let’s get right into it!

New Levels are in! Along with a new Theme!

We added a new the level theme… The Forge! This level theme focuses primarily on heat and machinery mechanics within the levels. There is often the use of lava throughout the levels as well as other standard factory equipment.

Forge Level 1:

The level focuses primarily on the heated grates which are the hazard of the level. When they start off they are cooled and will not kill the player but throughout the match they will heat up and eventually once they are fully heated they will kill the player.

This level also takes a familiar mechanic that is already used which is the conveyor belts in level 2 and reintroduces them in a bit more of a hazardous way. These conveyor belts will slowly move the player towards the heated grates.

Forge Level 2:

The next forge level focuses on a completely new level mechanic. There are lava pools on the left and right side of the player, although not deadly immediately they will kill the player if the opponent can hit them into an open area. The main way of doing this throughout the level is through the moving walls within the level. Periodically a particular wall will move up/down exposing a lava pool area allowing opponents to be knocked into it. During this time players must move towards that area and try to kill their opponent.

Both levels still need some balancing and tweaking but we hope the BHB players enjoy the new levels!

Player Location Image Updates

We are also in progress of updating the player location images, soon they will be a transparent image of the player number and the arrow instead of a block.

Character Updates

Dapper is currently in development and being animated to be put back into the game. He is not forgotten we promise!

We are also in development of making the next character BoxZilla who should be a fun surprise when added to the game.

We will also be making updates to the characters textures to make them pop out a little bit more from the background and make them a bit more noticeable to the player.

Working on the Introduction of 4-Player

We have been trying to get the game’s core into the best possible state before adding 4-Player, the game is now almost there. So we are currently working on the implementation of 4-Player into the game.

We will keep you updated on implementing 4-Player into the game.

We also made many gameplay changes so if you want to check those out or see our updates in more detail make sure to check out the patch notes.

We’ll keep posting updates for Bounce House Brawl here!


The BHB Team

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