BHB Patch Notes V.0.06

Bounce House Brawl Patch Notes V.0.06 (4/17)


  • 4 Player is now implemented!
  • There are now maps that are locked to how many players there are. There are currently 2 and 4 player maps.
  • New round system implemented, the player who wins three rounds wins the map now.
  • Created Logs that move in a particular direction
  • Forge Level 1 now has a particle effect
  • Added new text for level select

Level Design

  • Raceway Level 1
    • Removed walls from the sides and top
    • Added in force fields to replace these walls with colliders so the player cannot exit the level
    • Moved car spawn position further to the right to get more realism with the lighting
    • Moved forcefields up so the player cannot see the edge of the particle effect
  • Added in Raceway Level 2
  • Added in Raceway Level 3
    • Level 3 is the only 4 player raceway level
  • Added in Factory Level 2

New Theme Added

  • The Jungle Theme has been added as well as two new maps accompanying it

Jungle Level 1

Jungle level 1 is relatively simple but still really dangerous. With four players fighting each other at the same time the spikes around the map can prove to be a deathly hazard.

Jungle Level 2

The second level revolves around water and moving logs. Players will fight to knock each other off, which could potentially land you on a log to save your life or you can up sleeping with the fishes in the water.

Forge Level 2 updates:

  • Camera pulled out to 375
  • Widened the walls in the level to make it feel less cramped
  • Now around the 1 minute mark two walls start to go down instead of just one
  • Updated the wall and platform textures

Forge Level 1 updates:

  • Updated the grates to the correct emission map
  • The grates now have a fire particle effect that plays when they are lethal
  • Camera has been pulled out to 400 to adjust to a 4 player map
  • Platforms were moved inward

2D and UI

  • Added lights to the UI to indicate how many rounds each player has won
  • Created a background for the Jungle Level
  • Updated the Player x wins icons to match the aesthetic of the other buttons
  • Created an icon for the executable of the game
  • Updated text UI for level select

3D Modeling

  • Raceway Level 1
    • Updated all textures for objects except for the car
    • Added a full sized pipe
    • Added in a wedge
  • Jungle Levels
    • Added Logs
    • Added Wood Planks
    • Added Spikes
  • Updated the texture for Fishbowl to make him brighter and to pop more
  • Boxzilla added to the game as another playable character


  • Updated fishbowls animations with some polish and tweaks
  • Animations added for Boxzilla

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