BHB Patch Notes V.0.07

Bounce House Brawl Patch Notes V.0.07 (5/1)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the pointer for player three would stay after death
  • Scaled the player 3 and 4 character portraits to the correct scale
  • Players should no longer be able to hit pause on the end screen and make it overlap


  • Added a particle effect when players get hit (This should create more of an indication of when players are hit and should make hitting someone feel more satisfying)
  • Added an explosion that plays when a player dies now (This should make it more clear to players that they died)
  • Put a delay on spawn for players (We added a spawn delay so players don’t accidentally keep moving right after death and accidentally kill themselves a second time)
  • At the beginning of a round it now indicates what round it is (It now shows the round start so players aren’t confused about the round system. This should make it clear to the player when they are starting a new round or when the game is starting)

Level Design

  • Forge level one has been temporarily taken out because a bug on the level is making the game crash

Jungle Level 1 updates:

Jungle Level 1 has been tweaked so there are now tikis. These add a new element of bounce to the game because it’s another thing to collide with. However, it’s also a visual update to bring the level to life

Added a New Factory Level!

This level revolves around spike balls that drop which are hazards to the player

2D and UI

  • Text added for the Theme titles
  • Text added for Round “x” Fight!
  • Added an explosion to indicated when a player dies

  • Added text for 2 Players, 3 Players, and 4 Player buttons

  • Added a frame for the timer

3D Modeling

  • Jungle Levels
    • Added tikis to jungle level 1
  • Dapper has been added back to the game

  • Gear Gal’s texture has been updated so she is now brighter


  • Some base animations have been added for Dapper

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