A lot of Polish Added and Level Updates

Hey everyone, we have made are currently polishing up a lot of aspects of the game as our time to develop on it is coming to an end.

There are some new things added to the game but we are just adding in what we have assets and time for currently. So there will be some new content but not a huge amount. Here are some updates.

Stage Change After Each Round

Our programmers are currently having some issues with changing the stages in between rounds, so for now we are reducing the amount of rounds the player needs to win to 2 rounds. Hopefully this speeds up the matches because currently they feel like they go on too long.

Text Display of When Round Starts

We have added a text display of what round it is and when it starts!

Jungle Level 1 Update:

Jungle level 1 has been updated with the incorporation of the Tiki heads. These were originally going to environmental props but ultimately we decided that they actually help the level flow and balance. So now they are a part of the actual level.

Factory Level 2 Update:

Factory level 2 has incorporated one of the new level mechanics for the game and now drops spike balls intermittently. This level combines aspects of both factory level 1 and 3 to make a level with a different feel.

New Factory Level Added!

This new level revolves around the pipes that drop spike balls which will kill the player if they are hit by them. They are on a timer so they will go away after a certain period time so there aren’t too many of them. They also interact with the conveyor belts which will move and drop them.

New Theme/Level: Clock Tower

The new theme/level is currently in progress and should be in for the final build of the game.

Still Adding Environmental Props

We are currently going through and adding environmental props throughout the levels to liven them up a bit.

Juicing Up Player Hits

We have added a particle effect to make it more clear when you have hit the opponent. We are also hoping to add a bit more juice but we’ll see if we have enough time to do so.

Player Death Explosion

We now have a better indication of when a player dies. The game now shows this explosion in the location that the player died, which should help make it more clear to players of where/when they died.

Dapper is Back!

Dapper has finally made it back into the game after a long wait. He currently only has a few basic animations done because the animators haven’t had the rig that long but he’ll be fully animated soon and fighting like the sophisticated robot he is!

We will be continuing to polish the game in this last week and really try to make everything as smooth and clean as possible. We hope that you guys will like the final iteration of BHB!

Thanks for the continued support,

The BHB Team

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