What's Currently In Development and Polish!

Hey everyone, there are just a few things to keep you guys updated on this week. No huge updates this week but we have been working hard to improve BHB.

Our main focus from here on out is polish and making the game feel the best that it can, so to keep you guys updated I’ll give you what we are working on right now. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of pictures for this, but It’ll keep you guys informed at the very least!

In Development:

Stage Change After Each Round

We have noticed that matches can feel a little long and drawn out when dying three times each round on the same stage. So we are implementing a system where the level changes to a new random one after each round is completed. This should provide more variety in gameplay and keep players on their toes!

Text Display of When Round Starts

It was very apparent to us that there needs to be some sort of round starting indication, so we are adding a round start text to the game to indicate when each round will start.

Gear Gal Texture Update

We have updated gear gal’s texture to a brighter yellow so she pops out against the background a bit more.

New Theme/Level: Clock Tower

There is a new theme/level in the works currently. The theme will be based around a clock tower like level, this is meant to be an origin level for Gear Gal and so the overall theme is kind of based around gears. This will probably be the last level implemented into the game since time for development is coming to an end.

Adding Environmental Props

We are also going through the old levels and adding environmental props to liven up the scenery a bit. This should provide a little bit more visual interest to the levels. So next iteration check out the old levels and see what we’ve changed!

Juicing Up Player Hits

We are currently looking at ways to improve the satisfaction of hitting the other player and making it feel really impactful. When you hit another player we want the player to really feel like they just bounced the opponent all around the map. So updates on that soon!

That is what we are currently working on this week for BHB. We should have updates on all of the things I mentioned above soon! Check back next week for more updates on BHB!


The BHB Team

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