BHB Patch Notes V.0.03

Bounce House Brawl Patch Notes V.0.03 

Gameplay Changes

  • Player Controller:
    • Size: 46
    • Changed Speed: different code
    • Jump : 120
    • Increased Gravity: 2000

(This should help players see the characters as well as make the player controller feel a bit better overall. Jump and speed should make the controls feel a bit more snappy/reactive.)

  • Adjusted Bounce values to make the bounce less severe.

(This should make the bounce feel less intense at lower levels, and should make it so players aren’t launched across the arena as much.)

  • The amount a player bounces is now based on on Thresholds
    • There are 4 different thresholds increasing bounce at each threshold instead of gradually increasing bounce.

(This should allow for the bounce increase to feel more drastic to the player rather than gradually increasing bounce.)

  • Added Downward Attack

(This was added so players feel they have more control in the air, rather than not being able to hit someone below them.)

  • Basic attack is now only B

(This was removed to allow the downward attack to be mapped to X)

  • Down Attack was changed from Down + X to just X

(Should make it easier for players to do the downward attack because it requires less inputs.)

Level 1 Changes

  • There is now a headlight on the car prefab.

Level 2 Added (The Factory)

  • Level revolves around dangerous tesla coils that intermittently turn on and off creating lightning between two tesla coils. If the player is hit into the lightning it will kill the players
  • There are also conveyor belt platforms that move the player in a specific direction if they stand on them

Visual Improvements

  • Created a lightning particle effect for level 2
  • UI
    • Level Select Menu Added
    • Added a restart button
    • Level Select buttons were changed to pictures of the levels
    • Added Faces to represent players health and the 4 different thresholds of damage for Dapper and FishBowl.

  • Added new UI to represent player lives as well.

  • Updated the Instructions

3D Art:

  • Added Conveyor Belt for level 2
  • Added Tesla Coils for level 2
  • Added Walls/floor models for level 2

2D Art:

  • Added Factory Background to level 2


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