Bounce House Brawl Updates: Character Portraits, New Level, New Attack, and Gear Gal in Development

Hey everyone, I'm back to give you some updates on the progress of Bounce House Brawl! We've made quite a few changes since the last time I posted so lets get right into it.

Character Portraits and Lives

One of the biggest changes that we have made is the new Portrait System for health and lives. We felt this would be a better way to determine your characters health quickly. You character now has 4 stages of damage thresholds, everytime your character's portrait changes you are know at a higher damage threshold meaning the amount you bounce when you are hit will increase dramatically.

This should help players quickly analyze how much damage they are at and adjust accordingly.

The next thing we added were the borders for the character portraits that also represented player lives. Each light bulb represent how many lives the player has now.

Introducing Level 2!

The next big thing that we have added is Level 2 The Factory!

This level revolves heavily around the conveyor belts and tesla coils around the level. The conveyor belts will move players in specific directions changing up how one must position and fight. The tesla coils intermittently turn on and off changing how you must knock your opponent into them.

The level still needs some balancing and tweaking but we are improving it every day. The biggest tweak to level 2 that will be coming soon is a more obvious particle effect. Right now it’s a bit hard to see, so we are looking to improve that ASAP.

Level 1 Tweaks

We also went back to level 1 and added car headlights so they are easier to see coming. We will be adding a better warning indication soon but this is just and added feature to help the aesthetic and readability of the level.

Introduction of a Downward Attack

We felt that something was missing while playtesting BHB and realized that there isn’t much to do while your fighting your opponent in the air. To fix this we are implementing a downward attack. This should mix up gameplay and give the player more options while fighting. For this attack you already need to be in the air, but after you perform it your character will attack in a downward direction.

There will be more info and updates on this soon!

Gear Gal Development

Next up here is a sneak peak at the new character that is in the works Gear Gal

Gear Gal should be a playable character soon. Currently she is being animated and textured to be put into the game. I’ll post more updates here on Gear Gal as they come up.

We also made many gameplay changes so if you want to check those out or see our updates in more detail make sure to check out the patch notes.

We’ll keep posting updates for Bounce House Brawl here!


The BHB Team

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