BHB Patch Notes V.0.02

Bounce House Brawl Patch Notes V.0.02 (March 5th)

Hey everyone just wanted to give everyone a quick update on Bounce House Brawl and it's development. We made quite a few changes in the last week so here is a look at the changes we made

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck if they block an attack

Gameplay Changes

  • Players will always bounce to some extent after they are hit now.

(This is more in line with the vision of the game. Should also make the bounce mechanic more prevalent.)

  • Uppercut:
    • The uppercut now sends the opposing player more up rather than back
      • About a 70 degree angle rather than the previous 35 degree angle

(This is to make the uppercut feel more like an uppercut rather than a basic attack at a slight angle. This should give players more control in fights.)

  • Increased Character scaling making them much larger.

(This should help with players losing track of their characters. This also allows for players to see the character models in more detail.)

  • The amount of bounce has been increased at higher damage. This should make the bounce at higher thresholds more significant.

(This is to make the bounce at higher damage feel more noticeable. Players felt it was not noticeable enough at higher damages.)

  • Reduced the camera from 450 to 300 to decrease the overall size of the levels. (This is also intended to help with players losing track of the players or feeling too far away.)

Level 1 Changes

  • Brought the outer walls in to decrease the size of the level
  • Adjusted the car spawner positioning to compensate for the decrease in level size
  • Also adjusted player spawn positions to compensate for the decrease in level size
  • Changed the Y direction of the lighting to reduce glare on the tunnels within the level
  • Reduced lighting intensity to reduce glare in level
  • Change the speed of the cars from 1800 to 3000 (This is a buff)

Visual Improvements

  • New Animations have been added for Fish Bowl:
    • Falling Animation implemented
    • Jumping Animation implemented
    • Blocking Animation implemented
  • UI
    • Made it so buttons highlight instead of darken


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