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Hey everyone! I'll be posting here regularly with updates to Bounce House Brawl and it's development process. I'm excited to say that the game is off the ground and we are putting in a lot of work to get the game to where we want it. We are about 3 weeks into full electronic development so there is still a lot of work to be done. 

What we've implemented so far is just the core loop of the game as well as some assets, animations, and one level. The progress should start ramping up fairly quickly once we have the core of the game nailed down. 

Here are some more in depth details of the game:

Two characters were added:


Dapper Model


FishBowl Model

These are the two main characters you can play as now, in the future we want to add two more unique characters to the game as well.

Here is a look at some of FishBowl's animations:

Here is his basic attack

FishBowl Basic Attack

Here is his uppercut:

FishBowl Uppercut

Lastly here is his walk cycle:FishBowl Walk Cycle

These are just some rough animations to get the overall feel into the game. This also just an example of a few of the many animations we have implemented into the game. Dapper has some animations as well but we are currently experiencing some issues with his rig. There will be more updates on him soon.

We also implemented our first level. We are going with three basic themes for our levels and the first one we have created is sci-fi raceway. 

Here is a look at the level: 

Level 1

The idea behind this level was to be fairly simple considering it's one of the first arenas in the game. The fan and the cars are your two main hazards within the level. The level still needs some adjustments visually and lighting wise but this is a rough idea of what we want the level to look like. Currently we are playtesting the level making adjustments accordingly. 

We also implemented some simple menus into the game to make it feel more complete. Here is a look at what we have for the main menu:

Main Menu

There's a rough look at what the electronic prototype looks like so far. There is a lot of polish and tweaking that needs to be done from here but we look forward to improving the game. I will be posting patch notes and updates on the game weekly. So check back here for more updates on Bounce House Brawl!


The BHB Team

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