Devlog 4/12/18

We finally got a build finished! After 3 weeks of numerous setbacks and technically difficulties we have a new and working build available for playtesting. Granted of course it wasn't perfect, we had a variety of bugs like the base not taking damage, the return to main menu button breaking the game, an all the others listed in the patch notes. The programmers are now beginning to iron out these issues while also adding in the new animations for the enemies to boot. The feedback we got was mostly positive albeit lots of our playtesters had issues with the track switch. So for our next build we've made the switches bigger as well as added an X icon that appears above the switch when they can't activate it. If they continue to have issues, we'll add some lights or other visual indicators to help the player. 

As for what the rest of the team is working on, 2D is still doing UI stuff but they'll be moving onto posters and what not for when the game is published. Animation and Modeling are finishing up the last of the stuff on their asset lists, we have one last enemy type that is being modeled and still needs to be animated. Level design is almost finished with our "autumn" level, they are just waiting for the new unity package from the Programmers, who of course are also debugging for the next build.

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