Devlog 3/29/18

Since the last update on March 6th we have made a decent amount of progress but are still bogged down by some reoccurring issues. We got enemy pathing working, so enemy waves can now move to take the player's base, finally adding that sense of urgency a game needs to have. We also have a working train selection screen that allows the player to select an initial loadout before beginning the level. As of now they only have access to the base artillery and infantry train cars with anti-air on its way. 

We finally got some models down the pipeline to animation, more specifically the enemy tank and soldier. This has been a pressing issue for the past few weeks, but with these models now finalized it should keep them busy for a while. This actually does tie into the main problem we are still having at the moment, that being our weird train rails. Since they first were finished in February, they have had to consistently be adjusted due to issues  when exporting them into Unity. While it seems we are close to having a final version of the rails, having this core asset of the game continuously breaking on us has severely impacting progress, even delaying or latest build for external playtesting. While this is discouraging to the whole team, we are still continuing the workflow, prepping more models and UI elements for the next upcoming build.

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