Railway Raid patch notes: 4/10/2018


  • Pre-game selection screen
    • Added the pre-game screen that allows the player to select a level and loadout for their train.
  • Switching tracks
    • Added branching railroad paths that the players can switch to by clicking on the track switches.
  • Decoupling cars
    • Players can now release the car they have on the back of their train, the car will still automatically target and attack enemies that come into range.


  • Reworked original grassland level to include more track paths for the track switch.
  • Added new train engine and support car models(Anti-personnel & Artillery cars).


  • Level Selection screen
    • In the pre-game screen players can choose one of the two available levels.
  • Train Loadout selection screen
    • In the pre-game screen players can choose which support car they want start with.
  • Decouple Back button
    • Decouple Back button on players dash actually works now, allowing them to decouple their rear car.
  • Return to main menu
    • Added a return to main menu option to the pause menu.

-Known Issues

  • Awkward turret tracking
    • Turrets on the artillery support car awkwardly snaps/rotates to target enemies, sometimes distorting the model.
  • Anti-personnel car does nothing
    • We are aware of this because the allied soldier models have just been finished and will be added in the next update. They will act as the “turrets” of this car.
  • Base not taking damage
    • Minor bug in the code for our enemy units, will fix for next build.
  • Awkward turning
    • With the way the pivot points on the train cars are set they cannot handle frequent turning. Our level designers having taken note of this and now will try to structure future maps to accommodate this issue.
  • No level selected
    • The player can launch the game after they have selected their train loadout even if they haven’t selected a level. They would then be put on a black screen and have to quit the game to escape.
  • No limit to camera zoom
    • Issues with the controllable camera where the player can zoom out of the map infinitely as well as zoom in to the point where they are underneath the train.
  • No collision/recoupling train cars
    • Decoupled train cars cannot be collided with. In the next build once you collide with an uncoupled car it will automatically re-couple with whatever side of the train  it collided with.
  • Broken pause menu buttons
    • “Quit to Main Menu” button does nothing, will be changed to quit game/application. Issue with the “Return to Main Menu” button where it brings your current train loadout back with you into loadout selection, breaking the game.


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Apr 10, 2018

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