Devlog 4/5/18

Well its been another week and we still haven't got another build. We ran into another set of spline issues that made the game pretty much unplayable, and even with our programmers working over time we, they weren't able to iron out everything in time. With our spline system continuing to give us trouble, we have now considered the possibility of throwing them out and using Unity's AI pathfinding system. However they have managed to make a break through and repaired most of their scripts, so we have decided to stick with what they have and hopefully we'll have a build for next week.

Despite us being behind schedule, that doesn't mean the other departments have stopped producing work. Level design has created several new levels, some even taking place in the new tundra biome(Image #2). To further accommodate the new biome, the modelers have created snow variants of the train and it's cars(Image #3). Animation has been cranking out stuff for the enemies, finishing the tank animations and chipping away at all the soldier animations. 2D has been mostly making UI assets for the menus such as the level selection(Image #4). The idea is that this is map of the country the players are defending, and each territory is a level.

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