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Railway Raid is an on rails tower defense with inspiration from modern real time strategy games.  Players will get to choose from a variety of different train engines and support cars to create their own loadout and guide their custom train throughout out the level. Counter advancing enemies by chasing down enemy squads or leaving behind support cars in strategic positions. Then when it’s time to re-position, retrieve your decoupled cars and crank up the up your speed to intercept the next wave.

Don’t let them pass, if to many of enemies make to your base/bases it’s game-over, so be sure keep an eye on your intel screen and mini-map. Enemy tanks are pretty easy to spot, but  infantry and planes can be tricky to track down. Defend different regions of your country, from the cliffs and beaches in the south to the snowy peaks of the north. It’s up to you to repel these hostiles and ensure your country’s survival.


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