A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

      Dojo Busters is a chaotic, co-op beat 'em where nearly everything can be grabbed and thrown. That includes enemies, teammates, and even a bookshelf. Stun an enemy with a punch for an easy grab, or grab an enemy with a friend for an easy punch. 

       Journey to frigid mountain tops, scorching deserts, and volcanic wastelands seeking the strongest techniques in the world. Steal the scroll at the end of each dojo to gain its power, and blaze a trail to the apex of martial arts. 

       You'll need all the help you can get. When you're done beating on white-belts, faster, stronger, harder opponents will stand in your way. But winners don't fight fair. Team up with as many people as you want, and take what's yours by force. 

Minimum System Requirements

OS: Windows 10 or MacOS

Processor: Pentium G5400

Memory: 500MB

Graphics: GTX 780

Video Memory: 1GB

Storage: 500MB


A game made in 4 months by 14 CSU Chico Students for CAGD 495 in the spring 2022 semester.

Producer: Preston Farris

Designer: Chris Hunt

Programmers: Adam Finke, Trevor Davis

2D artists: Amber Kustner, Canyon Currier

3D artists: Burak Solar, Jacob Hedderson, Adalberto Ortega

Level Designers - Branden Kelly, William Coleman, Davis Howard

Animation - Santiago Atayde, Canyon Currier

Sound Effects - Polawat Tantirangsee


Dojo Busters.zip 170 MB
Dojo Busters MAC.zip 178 MB

Install instructions

To play, download the zip folder. Right click on the folder, and click "Extract All." Open the new unzipped folder, and launch DojoBusters.exe.

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I would recommend putting the last names in the credits. 


Thank you for your input! I have changed the names so that the last names are included.