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Shapeshift Dungeon is a third person action roguelike which takes place within a one room shapeshifting dungeon. The dungeon layouts you fight in, items you equip, and monsters that you encounter are randomized each time you play.

Can you survive the Shapeshift Dungeon?

Excellence in Computer Graphics Awards - 1st Place


Kilan Sky Larsen - Game Designer & Lead Programmer

Arjun Gambhir - Producer

Marc Kiel Billones - Level Designer & VFX Artist

Branden Kelly - Level Designer & VFX Artist

Justin Donato - Systems Programmer

Alexander H. Lopez - Item Programmer

Joe Warren - AI Programmer

Jose Miguel Vazquez - 3D Modeler

Devin Spencer - 3D Modeler

Chance Thomas Villavicencio - 3D Modeler & Animator

Alexis Gutierrez - 2D Artist and Animator

Tanya Medina - 2D Artist

Armando Legaspi - Animator

Eder Ayala - Rigger


"Crystal Caverns"
"Puzzle Game 2"
"Exotic Dangers"
"Strange Shop"
by Eric Matyas

"Dungeon Decoration"
"Dungeon Destruction"
by Leaf Let

Special thanks to professors Jeff Underwood and Daniel Alioto!

Install instructions

Extract the .zip and open the "Shapeshift Dungeon.exe" file to run the game

Minimum Spec Requirements:
Shapeshift Dungeon requires a PC with at least Windows 7 SP1 with a Dual Core 2.4 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM, 1GB VRAM with DirectX 10+ support, and 3 GB disk space. 


Shapeshift_Dungeon_1.0.2.zip 325 MB

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Trailer Credits: Nick (Vimlark) is the playtester in the headphones, streaming from his Twitch channel -  https://www.twitch.tv/vimlark - You can catch his game dev and art streams there and his projects on https://vimlark.itch.io/


 - Great level design
- Solid enemies
- Music is great and fits with the tone of the game
- Difficulty executed perfectly
- Controls Fluid and easy to understand

- Game is incredibly short
- Got repetitive after Floor 4

Personal opinion:
Not a fan of 'Q' being 'Pick up' as most games today use 'F' or 'E' so I kept using my potions unintentionally. Great game regardless. 7/10. 


Great game! The level design and FX look great too :P