Sprint 1 Review

Development on Skate and Grind has officially started! This will be a minor update to the game, but expect larger ones in the near future.

First off, our concept artist created  four different designs for a possible protagonist.

After a vote among our team, Chels won as the protagonist of the game. The Concept artist also worked on a few designs for health pickups and weapons(pictured above).

Our modelers have finished ramps, half pipes, quarter pipes, rails, one skateboard, and Chels' 3D model!

Since the model for Chels is done, the animation team is beginning to work on the first set of animations. This will include an Idle , Jump, Push, and Falling animations.

The Level Designers have created annotated maps for the first two levels, and working on getting blocked out versions of those levels ready for the upcoming electronic prototype. Lastly, the programmers are working on the basics of the game such as a character controller, puzzle mechanics, the grinding system, collectible code, and the general menu/ UI items.

 Each member on the team is working hard towards creating a fun game we hope you look forward to. Be sure to check back for more updates on Skate and Grind!


The Skate And Grind Team

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