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Hello everyone and welcome to our third blog for the production side of Parasitic! We have made some amazing contributions to the project and I can't wait to show off all the work. Big shout out to the team and we are making great progress with our features and implementations. There were some setbacks as we try to work with level design to make the levels look great and worth putting in to the master project. In this blog I will go through each department to highlight the work done and ease of production pipeline.


Below I will link a new video showcasing our programmer's amazing work on the newest build of our game. This build includes all of the characters we will have in the final game complete with their abilities and upgrade system. As well as new enemies! Take a look.

Ryan Dangerfield did the enemy movement and grid system, Jeremy Casada was in charge of the upgrade system and the UI texts, and Chase O'Connor was in charge of the character abilities and the combat system. This process went off without any complications because of how well the foundational systems were made and can be built off of. The only reason we have the ability to make movement and combat so fluid is because of the way we created the grid system. Overall, amazing progress from our first prototype that just tested our movement and turn based system. Amazing job!


Next we have some amazing pieces of models created by our talented modelers Devin Spencer and Brandon Uenaka. First, let's start with Brandon and his scenery assets that are used to fill the levels.


Wooden Fence Line


Ropes for the dock level


Bench for the forest/medieval level.


Boats for the dock level.


Stat boost tiles!


Chair and Table broken and not



Wow. Brandon always shows off his pure talent when he sits down and hammers out these assets. As you can see, the assets were made with super high quality and they're all on scale with the rest of the assets. Brandon is a super hard worker and it definitely shows. You can clearly see the theme of the level's assets with every new addition. I especially love the boost tiles that show the player that a certain stat will be boosted when you stand on them. All of these models come together to make the levels feel really different with the amount of variations of each we get.

Next up we have Devin Spencer, our character and enemy modeler. 


Level 3 Spiker


Level 2 Shambler

Devin has been great with the enemy models and these are the next two in the evolution. Our shambler (below) and the spiker (above) are modeled and they look terrifying! Devin is a powerhouse with the quality of models that we get from him. The theme is well kept throughout the game as well. From larva to absolute enemy alien tank, they all need to  look gross and scary. You can see that the level 1 larva is actually on the back on the level 2 enemy, essentially taking him over as a host. Great stuff.


Meadow level 1

First up we have Zoe Yan. Zoe has been amazing with the work this production cycle and we even got to finish the first level of the game. This level is built with up to date assets, some great level design that challenges the player slightly to travel off and do what they can, or they can stay together and conquer the land. Great stuff from Zoe.

All around, level design was a tad slow this time around so other than finishing up the first level, we don't have much to show. We hope to see level designers pick up the pace this time around.



Level 4 Stalker


Level 5 Charger


Lightning attack!

Art team did great this time around with the additions to finalizing our enemy line up. This sprint was centered around fixing a lot of our animation issues we had going into the sprint. For the most part, the art team was able to pull it out and get us some fixed animations and rigs. 

Admittedly, this sprint fell behind a tad with productivity and getting as much in as we wanted  and this is a personal fault of mine for not seeing problems coming before it's too late. Personally as a producer I want to be better in the future if I do intend on taking this seriously as my job. Level design didn't complete as much as we wanted to and we are set back a tiny bit but I think we can catch up after some tough love is properly in order.

We are super relieved to finally have our characters come to life in front of our eyes! Thank you for reading and we will see you next time!

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