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         MLTS is a single player first-person Simulation / RPG game with a focus on authenticity and immersion. The game is broken down into day long shifts where the player is operating their tavern. During their shift, NPC’s will spawn at the front door of their tavern, find a place to sit in the tavern, and wait to be served. The player has to go from patron to patron, taking orders, preparing the food and drink for each order, and serving the order to each patron before their patience wears out and they walk out. Every food and drink prepared consumes a food or drink supply respectively. The player needs to be conscious of these supplies as if they run out they can no longer serve patrons that come in. At the end of each shift/day the player goes to bed and is given the option to go to the merchants to buy what they need for the next day.

            Each patron served successfully earns the player an amount of Gold and Reputation whereas every patron that walks out gives a detriment to Reputation. Gold is used to purchase supplies and upgrades at the end of each shift from the Grocer or Carpenter respectively. Reputation is used like an experience system, where as the player progresses they will hit certain Reputation milestones which unlocks more upgrades they can purchase from the carpenter. If the player ever reaches 0 reputation, they lose the game and are given the option to try again! Conversely, if they reach the last Reputation milestone and purchase all the upgrades they win the game and are able to keep playing without any more upgrades to buy or to finish there and retire happy!

            This is the basis, or core of the game. The player needs to manage their time and resources to the best of their ability in order to succeed with their own little tavern shop!


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