Sprint 5 into Sprint 6 Updates

It’s been a minute since we’ve posted an update for The Hand That Feeds. We didn’t make our regular post due to the camp fire. Our studio is based in Chico so we had to take a brief break. We have made a ton of progress since our last update. So let’s get right into it.


  • Added a final boss
  • Interactable Murals with text
  • Camera Effects
  • Levers now activate a particle effect
  • Kill puzzles
  • Fixed combo meter

We added the final boss to the game that you reach after you beat the dungeon level. The final boss has three moves that he can do.

  • He can do an AOE ability that damages you while your in it
  • He can use a shield that can only be broken by an ability
  • Lastly he can spawn & sacrifice enemies for health if they reach him

The levers within the game now are just interactable objects that play a particle effect that indicate that they are activated, they are also highlighted indicating that you can interact with them.

We also have an adjustable camera that will incrementally zoom in as the player’s combo goes up. This is to help the intensity of the game and make the combo feel better as the player progresses. It will also slightly slow down time. We are still playing with values and implementing this to see how it feels.

We have a rough rendition of the kill puzzle that traps the player in a room and spawns enemies where the player must kill enemies in certain zone to open the doors.

Level Design

We have added quite a few assets to both levels. As well as been adjusting enemy pack size and balance within the levels.

Here is an overview of the courtyard level. We are currently adding bushes throughout the level as well as adding new sand tile sets to vary the environment. Murals specific to the courtyard have also been added to the level.

The dungeon level hasn’t changed too much but have made some slight updates. We added the new lever system to the level. Started using carpeting to guide the player a bit more. Lastly we also added some murals specific to the dungeon as well.

The boss room has been updated to look a bit prettier and we added the new boss model to the level. Currently the boss has to use enemies that are already in the room to sacrifice so it is the final version of the level.

The boss still needs some tweaking but we are making good progress on him.

Concept Art/2D

2D art has been winding down a bit now that we no longer need concepts since we are nearing the end of development but there are a few things that have been created since last update.

The first is the boss’ hammer concept, this was the concept that was used for to model the hammer

Here is a look

We also created a new controls image to fit the theme of the game better. It was done in the blueprint style that is used on some of the murals.

Here is a look at it

There were also a few more blueprints made, here is a look at the new ones. We added the sword and devourer.

The other main focus for 2D has been getting the deliverable art done such as posters, thumbnails, etc.

One of things that was just completed is the poster for the game

Modeling and Animation

We have had a few things modeled for the courtyard level as well as the boss level. Most of our energy has been focusing on getting the courtyard level populated and feeling as inhabited as the dungeon.

So here are the assets that have been made for the boss room

Here is the entrance to the boss room and the statue head to indicate what your getting into the boss room.

This is the boss’ throne within the room

We also added some new tile sets for the courtyard to break up some of the scenery this sand is currently being implemented into the level

We also added rune tiles for the walking puzzles to be used throughout the levels. When activated it will turn to the highlighted rune. Here is a look at those.

There were also some masks made for the courtyard level to spruce up the walls a bit more

Many of these pieces are currently being incorporated into the level.

For the animations we have completed the idle for the player, finished up the heavy attack, and created an animation for the charged dash.

The last animations that are being worked on are the cyclone, the running animation, and the melee enemy attack.We would like to create boss animations but we will most likely won’t have enough time.

We are currently getting these implemented into the game after a slight hiccup with the incorrect rig being used.

Charged Dash


Our next update will be our final post and the final product! So check in next week for the full game!

Thanks for the support!


The Hand That Feeds Development Team!

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