Sprint 4 Updates

It’s been another two weeks on The Hand That Feeds and we are continuing to make progress towards the final goal of the game. We have made some large updates within the game and have improved the overall feedback within the game.


  • Added Berserk Mode
  • Walking puzzle added to the game
  • Combo Meter
  • Interactable Set Pieces
  • Pausing Added
  • Upgrades locked behind kill counts

Here is a look at the pause menu for the game. This is just placement art for the game. However, it does what a player would expect it to do. This took some time to get all the enemies pausing correctly and to restart their movement patterns.

Here is a look at the combo meter that we added to the game. Currently it’s a bit sensitive on hits for the game. But the functionality is there and it goes away when you don’t manage to get a hit on an enemy in time.

Up next is a look at the berserk mode. This mode works by killing enemies to first fill up your berserk bar and then press RT to use the mode. When in this mode your abilities have no health cost and your attacks deal extra damage. You also get a movement speed buff when in this mode.

This should make players consider when to use this power spike to their advantage.

Level Design

Level design of course has been iterating their levels to improve the overall flow and feel. One of the largest changes in the game is that we have drastically changed how many enemies are in each level to make each level more challenging. The enemies overall are more aggressive towards the player as well.

It’s hard to show everything within the levels without playing it but here is a look at the layout. You can note the increase in enemies.

Here is a look at the dungeon level

The dungeon level is specifically looking at circulation elements to decrease the amount of backtracking the player has to do and increase the flow within the level.

The designer for the dungeon has also been experimenting with hiding potions in secret locations to reward players for exploration.

The courtyard level has been making similar progress but has been putting in a lot of assets because the courtyard has been receiving a lot of assets recently.

Here is a look at the courtyard level

The courtyard also added a ranged mini boss to the end of the level to change the feel and give it bit more differentiation compared to the dungeon level.

We have also added some VFX to the game to add some extra flare.

We added a blood particle effect and here is what that looks like

Then here is a look at the projectiles that the enemies shoot at you and a fire particle effect that goes around the skull enemies.

Concept Art/2D

Concept art and 2D have been hard at work making set pieces for the game and ability tutorials. The blueprints and murals will be interactable objects that the player can find and learn more backstory on the game and premise.

Here is a look at the blueprints of the monsters

These are just a way to get a better idea of what the monsters are and how they became that way.

SImilar to the blueprints are the murals, but the murals are core to the story. Each piece of the mural will unveil a little bit more of the story which should help intrigue the player more and more as the progress.

Here is a look at the murals

Each piece will explain what the player sees and what is happening within the mural.

We also made small tutorial images that introduce the abilities to the players. This will show generally what each ability does and what bonus the player can do to gain health back.

Here is a look at the cyclone tutorial art

Here is a look at the charged dash ability tutorial art

The last piece of art that was done is the puzzle runes. These will be used in the walking puzzle to represent what tile should be pressed and in what order they should be pressed.

Here is a look at those

Modeling and Animation

As I said in the last post we have been shifting our energy to the courtyard since the dungeon is pretty populated for the most part. So we have created a lot of models for the courtyard level and making good progress on finishing up the assets for that level.

So here are the assets that have been made for the level

Many of these pieces are currently being incorporated into the level.

We have also finished another melee enemy, here is what the “Reaver” enemy type looks like

He will likely be stronger and faster than the normal melee enemy but will not be in as large of packs.

We have also finished what the end boss looks like.

The boss will have his own special mechanics and attacks. We are currently working on making particle effects for him to make him even more menacing but he should be implemented into the game soon!

Last we have received some modular pieces for the boss room as well and here is a look at those.

So the boss should be coming in soon all the pieces for him to be complete are in progress!

As far as animations we have got the players basic attack in and are currently working on getting the heavy attack combo in. Here is a look at the basic attack and a progress shot on the heavy attack combo

Basic Attack

Heavy attack combo

In the next update we hope to get the boss in and functioning. We also should have animations for the character in at this time. This should greatly improve the feel of the game and put us one step closer to finished product. Until next time guys, have a great day!

Thanks for the support!


The Hand That Feeds Development Team!

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