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Glass Castle is a story-driven 3D anime-style fantasy game in which you are a 12-year-old boy named Zayden. You have mysteriously awoken in a crystalline Glass Castle. Inside, you find an old wizard named Zachariah, who tasks you with exploring each of the Worlds connected to the Castle and learning everything you can about the antagonist, Zayn, who has left the Universe in disarray! In these Worlds you will learn to cast magic spells, collect mana, encounter enemies, and solve puzzles in order to gain rewards such as new abilities and information. Do you have what it takes to stop Zayn and save the Glass Castle that binds all of time and space together?

System Requirements:

Windows 10 or 11 operating system with 64-bit processor or higher

Mouse with a middle button required if using keyboard controls (Gamepad controller highly recommended)

Number of Players: 1


Kade Chambers - Producer

Brie Parr - Lead Designer, Level Designer, 3D Environment Artist, 2D Artist

Christian Smith - Programmer, Level Designer, VFX Artist, Sound Artist

Christopher Hunt - Audio Composer, Level Designer

Colin Worthen - Programmer, Build Engineer, Animation Implementation

Cyrus Swart - 3D Modeler, Texture Artist

Davis Howard - Audio Composer, Level Designer

Liam O’Hare - 3D Character Artist, Animation Blending

Mel Madamba - 2D Artist, Quadruped Animator, Weight Painter

William Martinez - 3D Artist, 2D Concept Artist

Mixamo - Biped rigs and animations

Free3D.com - Wolf Rig

Install instructions

1. Click download

2. Find the .zip file in your Downloads folder

3. Right click and hit Extract All

4. Open GlassCastle folder

5. Double click Glass Castle.exe

6. If a windows security pop-up appears, click "more info" then "Run Anyway"

7. If an additional Windows security scan pops up, hit "dismiss"

Playtest as long as you want to! But please fill out our feedback form! You can find a link in the main menu or the pause menu of the game!


GlassCastle.zip 446 MB

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I downloaded this game today and played it. I was surprised how good of a job you did, better than I could have ever done

One suggestion: I would like to see the npc's have a voice, I think that would add a lot more contrast to the game.

I did have one issue with the game when I was using telekinesis to fix the bridge that I couldn't place the missing piece of the bridge and it would fall into the water and i couldn't retrieve it.

Besides the bride I thought that the game was great! keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback! We appreciate you taking the time to reach out. Stick around for our upcoming dev log posts and a finalized build coming soon.