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Hello again (for almost the last time) from the Trapped Team!

As we do in every sprint, we have some great work to share with you. Things are coming to a close very rapidly and we have one more sprint to go! In the meantime, we are bug fixing, polishing, and making sure that we can deliver the best game that we can. With that in mind, let's get to it!

2D Art

In terms of 2D art, we got a ton of progress with our backgrounds so that they match the aesthetic of the game. Some of these things are incorporated later, so we will show them off then, but Atley did a spectacular job at giving us backgrounds that keep you immersed in the world of Trapped. Below, you will see the Modifier Screen as well as the new Credits Screen.


We are also super excited to show off that we have some animations that will be going in the game really soon! From Tim on the 2D Art Team, we have not only a run animation, but we also have an idle animation for our main character number one. Both of these can be seen below!

We are very happy with everything that we have been getting from our 2D Art team and we cannot wait for you to see it in the game. Though the animations are not in there just yet, they will be a fantastic last hoorah!

3D Art

As always, our 3D artists are the stars of everything that we have in the world. We cannot simply express how happy we are with everything that they create each sprint. This time, they did not cease to amaze. We really want to shout out Vanessa who went above and beyond and made something that we are super excited to bring to our game: an aesthetic that we love.

First and foremost, Vanessa also delivered by adding a little pet that you can unlock and equip in the character select screen. We are going to be able to add one more, but we are proud of this first "wasp" looking one that we have!

We are also so proud of Shawn, as he was able to deliver us a plethora of assets that can be placed around the level. Though these will not be the final final textures, we are excited to show off the great progress that he did. It was everything that we asked for!

Finally, we are very excited to show off the new aesthetic that we are going to be going after for our levels. Vanessa really look the reins on this one and gave us everything that we asked for and more. You can see this in the third level of our game and you will definitely be seeing it again in the final build.

We are so very excited about our 3D artists and wouldn't trade them for the world.

Level Design

For Level Design, it has been a lot about finding the bugs and squashing them. Our level designers have been so resilient and have gone back to their previous levels to find the things that were going not so well and fixing them. That first started with colliders. Clipping through walls is nearly impossible now (don't try too hard) and we are very happy that the player can no longer clip through every wall on the map. Additionally, they all added new button placements so that the buttons around the level will spawn in random locations each time. Our Level Designers are our humble heroes and we are so thankful for them doing the great work they do!



Our Programmers are always here to make the magic happen. We are so thankful for all that they do and cannot be more proud of them taking what we give them and making beautiful things happen. Below, you can see all the things...

Achievement Page (Wesley and Alexander)

Character Customization Page (Wesley and Alexander)

One Side of the Cube Active (Christian)

Splash Screens (Dylan)

Modifiers and Random Selection (Dylan)

Shielded Guard Charge (Christian)

Loading Screen (Dylan)

We always want to give a huge thank you to our programmers. They have done more for us than we could ever ask for and we are so appreciative of them sticking with us through it all!

Next Steps

In terms of progress, we know that we are not going to get everything ever that we want in the game, but we are very happy with the things that we are going to be getting in the game. For all the numbers, we assigned 213 points and of those points, 142 of them were moved to To Verify, 136 were moved to Complete, and 74 are still left In Progress. It has been a long journey, but we are happy to say that we will have a lot of cool things in our final build. The last steps in this are going to be polishing and making things a wonderful experience for the player.

We hope that you stick with us in the last few steps of our journey and that if you have not already, take a moment to playtest our game! On behalf of our entire team, we thank you for being here and cannot wait to share the final game with you! If you are playtesting, remember that you will need a controller.

See you again soon!

-We Need More Walls Inc.


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