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You know what it is time for...another Production Blog!

It has been another Sprint full of excellent work from our team, so let us get into it!

2D Art

As far as 2D art goes, we got some fantastic work from Atley again in regards to our Character Customization Screen as well as our team! We not only got a final layout, but we also have all the art for the Character Customization Screen. In regards to our team, Atley designed our team logo that will later be put onto a splash screen that the player will see when they load up the game.

On top of that 2D design, we also got some 3D work from Tim in regards to animations for our game! Since we got the rig working, we were able to get an inital blockout for our idle animation and our run animation on the main character.

We are super excited to see the beginnings of animations for our game, and we will hopefully see them in the next build!

3D Art

As always, our 3D artists are always knocking it out of the park. Starting with Ryan, he was a rockstar that modeled three diffferent weapons that the player will be able to choose from as well as three different color combinations for each of those weapons that the player can then choose from in the Character Customization Menu. He even was able to match them to the color combinations that we have for the main character. On top of that, there is a modifier in the game that gives the player bleed damage; Ryan made a particle effect for this so that the player will know when they are taking this bleed damage.

As far as Shawn, we got some feedback that the player gets lost when they are moving about the cube. To remedy this, we told Shawn to model some landmarks that the level designers can put on the cube in order for the player to understand where they are and what faces they have been to. Finally, Shawn was also able to put the finalizing touches on the main menu. Complete with some new lights, floor grates, and...wait for it...the Prison Guard!

We are so happy with everything our 3D artists do and we cannot wait to show you more!

Level Design

Not only for our level designers, but also for our programmers, this sprint was a lot about bug fixing. In these last few sprints, we are less worried about new features and more focused on making sure that our game is the best that it can be for our players. For our level designers, we got them to go in, test their levels, and report back where the issues were. Hopefully, we will have some super polished levels in the next build! Side-by-side with this, our level designers were also getting in and making their levels populated with assets. Jacob and Trevor both put in some time to make sure that this was possible this sprint.






Like we said before, we were able to get a lot of bug fixing in from our programmers this sprint. First and foremost, we were able to get some fixes to the cube rotation and traversal system as well as some upgrades to the shooting function from Dylan! We are so very happy with these changes as we think that they really make the experience much smoother for the player. Below is the rest of the  changes we saw from the programmers this sprint...

2 Character to Select (Wesley and Alexander)

Player Options (Christian)

Right Stick Shooting (Dylan)

Random Button Spawn Location (Dylan)

Buying Characters and Skins (Wesley)

Two New Game Modifiers (Dylan)

Next Steps...

As far as what we accomplished this sprint, things looked a little sparse on the point count, but we are not super concerned. We know that there will be features that are not added to the final build of the game, but we still want to put out the best game that we can! This sprint, we assigned 232 points, moved 204 of them to To Verify, completed 80, and still have 152 left in In Progress. We are postulated to finish after our due date, but like we said, it is 100% okay! We are proud of the product that we currently have and are making little touches to make this the best game we can!

Moving forward, like we said before, we are adding little polishes to make this game go from good to great! From fixing bugs and varying gameplay experience, we are doing what we can to make this game a unique experience for the player. Just like that, another sprint gone and two more to go! On behalf of the entire Trapped Team, thank you for being here to support us on this journey! If you have not already, we invite you to playtest our current build of the game! Reminder, you will need a controller to play the game. Until next time!

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