Design Dev Log 4 - Trapped

Design Dev Log 4:

Another Sprint in the books. Once again I am so proud of our team and what they were able to accomplish this sprint. We are closing in getting our final features in the game which I am super happy about. By the end of the next sprint, our game will be almost finished and we will be able to focus more on polishing tasks.

Sprint 4:

For the 2D art squad, we got our itch IO icon as well as some weapon concepts for our main weapon. I am extremely happy with the Art that we got it really captures the geometric simplicity of our game. What’s even cooler about our new logo is that it incorporates both of our characters in it. I think it does a great job of representing our game and will be a great eye-catcher for people browsing.


Our weapon concepts came out very well. The gun looks futuristic and fits the profile that we are looking for. I am excited to see our character carry it around in-game as soon as we get some animations into our game.

My biggest highlight of the 3D modeling team was our new character. Well, probably the biggest highlight of our sprint. Vanessa created our second character and it came out great. It was so much better than I could possibly imagine. She matched the style of the main character perfectly they both look like they came from the same universe. The aesthetic was captured perfectly.

We also got some different weapon types from Ryan. We can now add more customizability for the player. Having more things to unlock and achieve will help bring more replayability to our game and entice people to go at it a little harder to unlock the next thing.


We also got a fully textured death scene that sean created. I thought it would be really cool to have a scene after the game ends where the player is recaptured in the cell. It helps bring the whole story full circle. escape -> run -> get caught -> repeat. It will help the player feel immersed in prison.

For level designers, we got all our level blockouts completed this sprint. I was very excited to get all these done because now we can test the randomness of the game. I think it will make the game more exciting to play. I want to give a huge shout-out to parker who used this sprint to catch up on all his tasks. He completed so many cards this sprint and I am extremely thankful for that. All the level designers have to do is spend some time beautifying up our levels so they fit better with our theme.



Finally, we got our programmers. Our programmers got a lot of awesome features added to our game. My favorite one is our game modifiers. This will give the player a high risk/ high reward situation at the end of each loop. They will be able to pick from two different situation choices. This will help increase the game difficulty with each passing loop the modifiers are stackable so each time the player passes through the game gets a large difficulty spike keeping the player on their toes.


We also got our final death scene stats in the game. This will help the player gauge how well they did in their run so they know what to shoot for next time they play. We also have the top scores saved to a file so the player can revisit their high scores and see their goals to beat.

We also got in our AI for our guards into the game. This will add even more of a challenge to the player, now they have more types of AI to avoid or attack. They also level up similar to the way our hallway bots level up. They are constantly getting more difficult to fight the longer the game goes on.


Overall we had an awesome sprint. I am once again super proud of the hard work my team has been doing. I would not be able to do this project without them and the amount of passion and support I see for our game is inspiring. I’m excited about the next couple of sprints because now it's time to slow back down a bit and polish our systems that are already in the game. We now have all the important gameplay features added to the game, the only new features we have to add have to do with character customization. Our product is looking more finished everyday and I’m getting happier and happier as it comes together.  

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