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Welcome back to the Production Side of Trapped!

Within the past sprint, we got a ton of progress much that in our sprint review,  it elicited another slide of work from our programmers! So, without further ado, let's just get to it!

2D Art

In the realm of 2D art, we did not get a ton of things, but we are super happy to announce that we finally have our very own Itch icon! If you have been to our page previously, you would have known that we had a different image in there, but now we have one straight from our good friend Atley on the 2D art team! Additionally, we were able to get another thing to add to the in-game UI from Atley that describes how many times that the player has bought a specific upgrade. These can be seen below.

Lastly, from Sadiq, we were able to get the finalized weapon concept and we are over the moon about it! It looks spectacular and we cannot wait to see it in game!

We are still so happy with everything and anything that we get from the 2D art team and we have a ton of things lined up from them that we simply cannot wait to show off!

3D Art

In terms of 3D art, our modelers are still crushing it. Each sprint, they are kicking out the work like nobody's business and we could not be more proud of them. From Ryan, we got that weapon that we just got from Sadiq modeled and textured and ready to be put to use! Additionally, Ryan was able to give us a pedestal that the characters (more to come on this one!!) will be featured on in our character selection screen (more to come on this one!!).

From Shawn, we are so happy with his progress in that he has given us another kick-butt environment for our Death Screen! When you see the endgame stats (more to come on this!!), this screen will be displayed to signify that you have been put back in your containment cell. Additionally, we were able to get another currency chip (more to come on this one!!) from Shawn that will be a 5% drop from the enemies to buy things that are not in-game.

Finally, the big ticket here...Vanessa was able to crank out another character model, based off the concept from last sprint, and get that textured. Below, you will see our two characters and all their color combinations that are featured in the Character Customization Screen!

We are so, so excited about all the progress that our 3D modelers have made and we are so grateful for each sprint that they stick with us until the end! Huge shoutout to Vanessa, Ryan, and Shawn who are killing the game each sprint!

Level Design

Disclaimer: If we were to put everything that the Level Designers did for us this sprint, this post would go on for pages and therefore, we are going to show the big stuff.

First of all, we want to give a huge shout-out to Parker for all the work that he did. He was able to get the AI into all the levels that we have and that was a feature in itself. Another huge round of applause to Trevor and Jacob for getting their levels together, helping each other out, and sticking it out until the end!

This sprint, we were able to get all the levels blocked out and in the game! Though they are not all available for play, we do have all the different level 1 permutations for you to play through! Below are the other permutations and their respective makers:




We are forever grateful for our level designers and cannot wait to see all their beautiful levels come to life!


As always, our programmers are the heart and soul of our game and we cannot do this without them. This sprint, from edited features and new features, this team was able to knock it out of the ballpark and do more than we could ever ask for...

Infinite Loop System (Dylan)

Random Selection of Cube on Load (Dylan)

Common Guard Enemy (Christian)

Character Customization (Alexander and Wesley)

Special Currency (Wesley)

Endgame Stats (Wesley)

Shielded Guard Enemy (Christian)

Game Modifiers (Dylan)

Revisited Shooting (Dylan and Zachary)

Main Character Animation States (Dylan)

As I am sure you can tell above, we want to give a huge shout-out to Dylan who went in and got tons of things done for this sprint! On top of that, he was able to tackle tons of bugs with Zachary and is just a star student in every possible way.

Game Progress

When crunching the numbers for this sprint, it really is a huge feat. All that progress from above shows in the numbers. A total of 255 points were assigned this sprint and of those 255 points, only 94 of them were never moved at all. On the flip side, 161 of those points were moved to To Verify, 155 of them were moved to complete, and we still have 100 left In Progress. We are even more ahead of schedule than we would like to be, but after receiving some excellent feedback from our Executive Producers, we have a ton of work that we can do to make sure that we are finishing right around the proper time!

Next Steps

Just like that, another sprint gone! As always, on behalf of the entire team here, we would like to thank you for joining us on this journey. There are only a few more sprints left and we are so excited to share with you all the things that we go through and all the trial and errors. We appreciate all the support that you provide to us each time that you test the builds and provide feedback on how we can make an even better game. In the next sprint, we definitely have a little bit of progression to make in order to stay on-theme with our game, but we have a few surprises still up our sleeve and features to add...I will leave it as a nice surprise. :)

We hope that you continue to return and check out the progress that we have biweekly! Please take a moment to playtest the game and provide feedback if you haven't already. Keep in mind that you will need a controller to play the game.

See you again soon! :D

-We Need More Walls Inc.


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