Design Dev Log 2 - Trapped

Design Dev Log 2:

Back at it again with another blog for the design portion of this game. Our team has been killing it and I can't wait to go over some of the amazing work they completed. 4 weeks in and our game feels like it's on a great path to getting completed.

Sprint #2:

This sprint was very important to us because it was our spirit before our first playtest. I thought it would be very important to get a general game loop into our game. We really wanted a decent amount of feedback on our systems that we have in our game. That way we can know what kinds of changes we need to make for the future.

Our 3d modelers have been killing it lately and have been pumping out great assets left and right but a huge highlight for me was our completed character model. It looked phenomenal and it came out exactly how I wanted it. The low poly feel is spot on and the colors are perfect.

 We also got great assets to add into our levels to bring them to life a bit more. It will help the player differentiate from the different sides of the cube so they don't get as lost in our future playtests. We also got an awesome blockout of our main menu scene that will help the player get into the mood before even hitting the play button.

Our level designers got some more blockouts done. I tried to encourage them to try some different designs on the cube face because I wanted to make sure the levels all play differently when you load them up. If they end up being too similar it will make the game kind of repetitive. I think they got the message though and we saw some more awesome blockouts. I really appreciate all my level designers hardwork i know that sometimes this kind of work can be a bit tedious.

  Our programmers got a lot of important stuff crunched out before our playtest. We got our movement worked out so our game had that as a functioning system. We also got a single gameplay loop into our game which was perfect because we wanted to test one loop with our playtest. We also got our UI into the game as well as the functions to operate our store which will be good for our next playtest.



I am once again astounded by the progress my team is making. I'm super happy with the direction we are heading in. I was slightly disappointed we did not get more playtesters for our game. It would have been nice to get some more feedback. But we will take what we have learned and implement that into our game design in the future. I plan to sit down in a little bit and rethink out the scope for our game to make it fit our timeline a little better

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