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Knighty Night is a top-down hack and slash game where the player takes on the role of a medieval knight. The player finds themselves stuck in the bottom of a dungeon and must cleave their way through ghosts trapped in each of the dungeon’s rooms. There are a few different kinds of rooms that will each propose different challenges that the player must solve through the use both brain and brawn in order to advance. 

On the way back to the surface, normal ghosts aren’t the only challenge though. There will be several bosses that will truly put all of your skills to the test if you wish to overpower them. The player must demonstrate a solid knowledge of not only their abilities, but also the dungeon’s layout and the ghost’s movements if they wish to reach the surface and make it through this Knighty Night.

Install instructions

    • Download “KnightyNight.zip”
    • Extract the contents to your Desktop
    • Open the “KnightyNight” folder and double click on the “KnightyNight” application
    • Set resolution to 1920x1080 and check “Windowed” if that is your preference
    • Click “Play!”


KnightyNight.zip 153 MB

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