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The game is good, and the animations especially look very good :) and the berserk felt fun to use, in the interest of making the game more fun, I have a little criticism

only problems are that the game kinda just kills you, the weapon needs more life-steal or more healing when an enemy dies, because all of the ways the game told me that I could use to gain health generally lost more health than they were worth as they required a bunch of set up and small AoE's (or add health regen)

Also, there were a few times when I backed out of a fight at low health and couldn't swing without killing myself or searching for unguarded health

in english: I want the game to feel more rewarding and less punishing so that I may enjoy more of it



P.S. maybe add slow-mo when killing the last enemy in a room to emphasize the killing of demons and animations 

I appreciate the feedback! We are definitely looking into balancing and making the abilities feel more rewarding. As well as looking into some enemy tuning. Thanks for taking the time to play!