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An up-and-coming mercenary, you were lucky enough to score your first contract with “SuperNova”, a well-known mercenary corp with bases throughout the star system. An encryption has come from the desert planet of Tadychou, asking for assistance in retaking a research facility that has gone under the control of a “rogue prototype”. Likelihood of combat is high, but so is the pay.

Being the newest to the corp and being stationed at the base closest to Tadychou, the mission is given to you to resolve. You’ve been allowed use of a Sun Surfer class aircraft, sporting three different kinds of weapons as well as a shield system. As you finish your descent unto the planet, your communications are cut off and the strange buildings along your path begin to glow. You ready your weapons just as enemy contact is made. Time to make a living.

Note: Game Controller Required.


SuperNovaFinal 1.0.0.zip 99 MB

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