A downloadable game for Windows

Team - Brain Freezers

Producer - Joshua Peay

Programmer - Jacob Picard

Level Designer - Jacob Scoggins

3D Modeler - Leila Watson

System Requirements - 2 Player minimum - 4 Player Maximum, must have Xbox 360 controllers.

Installation Requirements - 

Number of players - 2 - 4

Extreme Freeze Tag harkens back to the good ol’ days when you were a child playing innocent games of tag with your friends. Combine this with the couch coop mechanics of our game and you’ll be teleported back in time with your first console, sitting around the TV with your friends. Extreme Freeze Tag plays pretty much the same as freeze tag in real life but now you get to visit fantastical levels.

In Extreme Freeze Tag players can play as either a hunter or a runner. Hunters use abilities to chase after runners in order to catch them and freeze them. However runners have numbers on their side and the hunter can’t win until all players have been frozen. Runners win if they manage to survive the timer unfrozen. Select from a choice of player types and uniquely themed maps and remember the good ol’ days.

Release Announcment: Extreme Freeze Tag: Student Production

TagsFirst-Person, Local multiplayer
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player countSingleplayer


FreezeTag (2).zip 61 MB

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