Executive Producer

Jeff Underwood

Lead Designer

Phillip Rojas

Lead Concept Artists

Brendon Cocom

William Walker

Concept Artists

Christian D’Avila

Laura Allen

Maggie Ramey

Lead Programmer

Tim Chen


Brandon Borders

Jackie Crosswhite

Thaddeus “TJ” Thompson

Truro Hawkins

Zachary Coon

Lead Sound Designers

Christopher Montgomery

Daniel Olmos

Sound Designer

Patrick Panella

Lead 3D Artist

Zachary Gibson

3D Artists

Antonio Anim

Jerri Xu

Jesse Seaman

Krys Thao

Luke Neubaum

Trevor Sparks

Lead Level Designer

Michael van Goor

Level Designers

Jacob Shouse

Jared Dressel

Tammy Becker

Special Thanks To

Christian DeAnda

Justin Schwieger

Nick DiNapoli

Steven Vaccari


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