A downloadable game for Windows

This will be the final stand at the Citadel. We need all the time you can give us to delete everything we can before they get a hold of it. The route home, our research findings here the secret projects, all of it. The enemy wants what we have and you are all that stands in the way between them and our vast archive of knowledge. Suit up and be adaptable as you destroy all your opponents and seize the Servers spread around the city.

  • Collect useful drops to increase damage and health.
  • Upgrade your tanks capabilities to gain speed total health and regeneration
  • Complete randomness
    • Enemy Spawns and drops 
    • Maps and map orientation
    • Weapon power

Game Information:

  • Controller Required
  • Max number of players: 1
  • No internet required (after download)

Install instructions

Installation requirements

Space 2.12 GB

System Requirements 

Operating System - Windows 10

Processor - IntelⓇ i5 core @3.60 GHz

Memory - 16 GB

Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

Storage - 2.12 GB

Other - Controller

Check out the final version of our build by downloading the game below! Download and launch instructions below: 

Step 1) Follow the link to a Google Drive zipped folder

Step 2) Download and Unzip the Protect the Citadel file

Step 3) Right-Click "Protect the Citadel" executable and select Run.