A downloadable experience

It’s all downhill from here! Can you make it to the bottom of the mountain in one piece? Players will traverse a narrow trail as they race down a mountain at blinding speeds, dodging obstacles and conquering their fears along the way.

Traverse the treacherous mountain while listening to exhilarating music and performing amazing tricks! See you at the bottom!

  • Suggested System "requirements" (not actually tested on humans)
    • VR Capable PC
    • Minimum Specs: Intel i5 5500, 8 GB GDDR4 Ram, GTX 960
    • Recommended: Intel i7 6600, 16GB GDDR4 Ram, GTX 1070

Install instructions

  • Download Zip File
  • Unzip in desired folder
  • Run On The Peak application


OnThePeak1.0.zip 105 MB