3/6 Patch Notes

Patch Notes

General Gameplay
  • Timer increased from 120 seconds to 180 seconds.
    • The game felt too short, once players started to get their contraptions going time was up. This will give players time to make bigger contraptions.
  • Ball spawners now spawn slowly at the start but spawn faster over time.
    • The start of the game was very hectic with the number of balls spawning, players felt they were losing a lot of potential at the start. End of the game was a bit slow but now feels fast once you have a machine up and working.
  • Cursor can now be moved by holding down the direction button
  • Player can now rotate items at 45 degree angles. 
  • Balls are now destroyed upon touching the bottom of the level
  • Winner and Loser now displayed on game over screen

  • Cannons will display a "Can't Fire" message above them when they can't fire. 
    • It was unclear to a player that a cannon could not fire.
  • Cannon fire rate reduced from 3 to .75
    • Cannons were really slow at firing and often caused a back up of balls. Now the fire rate is faster than the balls can spawn.
Bug Fixes
  • Balls no longer get stuck on goal if fired out of a cannon 1 tile away.
  • Can no longer place objects in walls or other objects.
  • Cannons no longer fire through walls if placed right next to them. 
  • Level elements like walls can no longer be deleted.
  • Planks no longer give point to a ball that is resting against it.  Planks give points on the first contact only now.
  • Fixed lighting changes when loading levels
  • Ball now faces the right direction when spawned.
Know Bugs
  • The plank can't be placed under certain conditions
  • If the cursor overlaps with a wall or contraption then a contraption can not be placed.


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